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Here Are The Key Features Of P1 Targeting App:


Super Fast Keyword Research

The P1 Targeting App is seriously FAST!

Unlike downloadable keyword tools (such as Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai), the P1 Targeting App runs in the CLOUD with a HUGE processing power.

It always works on FULL SPEED, regardless of your Internet connection + it will never expose or block your IP address, like downloadable keyword tools do.

It works as simply as...

Type in a few targeting ideas (you can add UNLIMITED of those if you want to)...

...Click the "Fetch Keywords' button and the P1 Targeting App will return thousands of keywords per search.


Spy Competition To Find Keywords That Your #1 Competitor In Google Is Ranking For Today

Warning: your competition won't like this!

What if you could find all those lucrative keywords that your #1 competitor on Google is already ranking for?

Well, with the P1 Targeting App, it's ONE CLICK AWAY!

Just select the keyword, click the 'Spy Competition' action button...

...and generate hundreds or even thousands of unique keywords that your competitor is ALREADY ranking for.

Just a few 'Spy Competition' actions per day can add thousands of otherwise HIDDEN from you keywords!


Instant Search Volume, Costs Per Click & Profitability Score

P1 Targeting App is all about SPEED!

So, not only it will automatically generate search volume and costs per click... (those are the basic metrics to get started with your keyword selection)

...but it will also calculate and display a PROFITABILITY SCORE for every single keyword.

Profitability Score gives you an instant comparison so you can FOCUS on the most commercially viable keywords right from the start.

It's a huge time saver!


Quick Competition Assessment For TOP 10 Results In Google

A TOP 10 competition assessment for any keyword is just three easy clicks away:

  • Step 1 - Click the 'Root Match' button to assess how many of the TOP 10 results are optimizing their entire DOMAIN for a particular keyword.
  • Step 2 - Click the 'Difficulty Score' button to instantly understand how easy or hard it would be for you to ENTER the first page of Google.
  • Step 3 - Click the 'Get Search Results' action button to find important SERP data like Title, Domain & Page Authority, Backlinks and Moz Rank.

TOP 10 competition assessment will help you to eliminate impossible to rank keywords, so you don't waste time and money with your SEO actions.


State-Of-Art Keyword Filtering System

This is simply IMPECCABLE!

With the P1 Targeting App you get virtually UNLIMITED filtering combinations...

...starting from numeral data (search volume, cpc, competition, market size, WORD count etc.)...

...up to content in NOTES and complete keyword RELEVANCY search.

There is literally nothing like this available anywhere else!


Strategic REAL-TIME Keyword Mapping For Your Website Targeting

This is priceless!

Plan out your entire website targeting in REAL TIME.

Just MAP the keyword you found based on your desired metrics so you can build up your entire website project...

...and have it ready for targeting on Google the moment you finish the MAP!

No more figuring out the number of keywords you need or which page/post will target which keyword.

With the P1 Targeting App REAL-TIME mapping system, you can have your entire website targeting laid out before you even get a domain for your site.


Exact Match Domain Check For The Most Popular Extensions

If you are looking to build a niche website, it's always worthwhile to check whether an exact match domain is available.

With the P1 Targeting App you can check exact match domain availability for up to nine most popular extensions.

Besides, you can do it in BULK for filtered results, for all keywords in your project or just for a single keyword.

Very powerful!

Here Are Just A Few Benefits Why P1 Targeting App Is The Best Keyword Research & Mapping Application Available Today:

  • Benefit #1: Get thousands of keywords ideas from multiple sources in minutes, so you can have a complete niche market overview in a single project - no more guessing whether there are more keywords available or not
  • Benefit #2: Get additional keyword ideas directly from your competition on Google, so you know exactly what brings the most traffic to them and how you can copy their success on Google
  • Benefit #3: Get instant commercial value, so you can FOCUS on BUYERS keywords instead of wasting time with free information seekers - the more buyers keywords you rank on Google, the more revenue you will generate for your business
  • Benefit #4: Get strategic competition metrics for any keyword, so you can focus on keywords that have both: they are easy to rank and they have a high commercial value
  • Benefit #5: Create relevant keyword groups to make sure you claim first page rankings with every single keyword you are targeting.

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